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The Who’s Who Of A Casino

The most awaited moment of walking into a casino could be made more comfortable with the fair knowledge about the various functions and functionaries of the casino so that you know what to do or whom to approach if when placed in a doubtful situation. While many of you religiously learn about the rules and regulations of casinos and the various games played in them, what you fail to do isextending the same eagerness in learning the roles played by the different casino staffsto understand what are to be expected from them normally and during any unfavorable or doubtful situation. The following are the prominent casino personnel, whom you would be encountering whenever you visit any land-based casinos.

Know the casino areas


Before we talk about the different title players of the casinos, it is significant that we understand the different areas present within the casinos, as the authorities of most of these functionaries are restricted within these designated areas.

The casinos can be classified into two main areas

1. The area, in where the slot games are played

2. The area that is dedicated to the different table games like the Poker, Blackjack etc.

Within these table games zone, there are some special arrangements called pits containing dedicated table gamesand functioning as an individual or autonomous business without interfering with the other functioning pits. The role of most of the casino staffs are specific to these pits and could certainly guide you and help you with anything under their area of control.


The Pit Area Personnel

Pit Bosses

Just by reading out the word ‘boss’, you would have easily deciphered that this person is the all-in-all for his/her designated pit. These smartly dressed pit bosses could behave the way they look when all is well with you and your behavior. But, when there is any dispute or unpleasant situations, the pit bosses promptly interfere and settle the dispute appropriately. Their role doesn’t end with this, as they are the bosses for their pits, they should also possess thorough knowledge about all the activities happening within their pits, which not only includes the game related aspects but also crucial monetary activities like monitoring the credits provided to you, dispensing comps such as free meals, free shows etc., the amount of money you wager and so on. Also, there are lot many personnel reporting to these pit bosses and hence, undoubtedly, the role played by them is very detail-oriented.


When you visit the casinos for the first time, you could easily get confused among the floorpersons and the pit bosses, as they both dress alike and have similar responsibilities with little exemptions for the floorpersons, click here they are responsible for the activities happening within the few tables of the pits assigned to them rather the entire pit.


When you meet the dealer of the casino, you wouldreally understand how a high-pressure job would be, as the dealer is responsible for controlling his/her assigned game related activities like monitoring the wins andlosses, the money to be paid to the patrons, and so on. The dealers are the life of thegame they oversee, as they can impact the ambiance in a suitable manner that depends on how they conduct the games jubilantly and engagingly, even though he/she couldn’t control the outcome of these games.But, one thing is for sure, the dealer, earnestly desires that you make a great winning, so that you would be suitable rewarding him/her with a satisfying tip-money.

The Slot Area Personnel

Slot Attendants

Apart from attending to slot machines related troubles and concerns, the slot attendants can suitably guide you on the rules and regulations of the slot games when you have specific queries on the same. When the bettors are in need ofchange money to operate any slot machine game, they can suitably approach these personnel, as they would be moving around pushing the money carts, to attend to the bettors in need. When you have made the jackpot, these personnel are the first to note the flashing of lights, as they are constantly on a look out for it.

Slot Supervisors

In addition to managing the slot attendants, the slot supervisors oversee the slot machines’ maintenance and upkeep appropriately.

The Generic Casino Personnel

The Casino Hosts

The casino hosts heed to your every practical need of the casinos and when you are in doubt or if you are a newcomer,then never hesitate to introduce yourself to them, as they would be more than happy to assist you and make you comfortable with the casino surroundings.

The Other Managers

The managers are the reporting heads for every casino employee and they are classified into shift managers and the casino manager. While the casino manager is the supreme head, the shift manager attends to every need of his/her employee and the every happening of the casino-related activities during his/her assigned shift timings.